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Jessica Logan is a multidisciplinary, visual artist born and raised in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. Since childhood, she always used art as her visual voice. By deconstructing symbols and objects, she creates bold, thought-provoking mixed media works. Her vibrant, and expressive artistic style came from sketching the animated characters that appeared on her after-school TV specials as well as inspired by her childhood home curated with a collection of tribal, modern, and contemporary African artwork. Jessica’s works are a reflection of her rich culture and her interaction with the world around her.

Her artwork has been used for album covers, permanently inked on bodies, and displayed in cities across the country. She is a member of Palette 22's Artist In Residence program. Her artwork is currently on display at Palette 22 in Shirlington, VA as well as the Westin Hotel in Washington, DC. Jessica continues to pay homage to the past while providing cultural insight into the present through her work. Her artistic voice and vision will keep her in the spotlight for years to come.

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