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Jessica Logan is a multidisciplinary, visual artist based in NYC. Born and raised in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, Jessica always used art as her voice. She is a byproduct of black love and the eclectic era known as the 90’s. This becomes evident when viewing her bold, vibrant, and expressive artistic style. As a child, she sharpened her creative eye by sketching the animated characters that appeared on her after-school TV specials. Her parents curated her childhood home with tribal, modern, and contemporary African artwork. Since childhood, Jessica has always been inspired to create.

Coupled with being an artist, Jessica has a background in Fashion Design as well as Animal Science. But the passion she has for stylish apparel and saving animals does not amount to that she has for visual art. Through art Jessica is able to speak to her soul as well as connect with others.

Her art has been used for album and book covers. Her work has been permanently inked on bodies as well as hand-painted on accessory pieces.  In 2017 her work was displayed in the 3:5 IMMERSE Exhibit in Brooklyn, New York. Later that year her work was displayed in her first solo exhibit at the FOHTA Gallery in her hometown of Arlington, Virginia. Jessica is an artist who doesn’t limit her creativity to just one medium. Wherever her creative interests lead her she will follow. 

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